The Coming Spiritual Storm
We   are   on   the   threshold   of   witnessing   the   fulfillment   of   Biblical   prophecy   as   we   enter   into   the   last   days. Those   that   know and   heed   the   signs—and   prepare   their   hearts—will   be   able   to   withstand   the   imminent   storm. Those   that   do   not   will   likely fall   victim   to   the   deception,   and   the   desolation,   and   the   destruction   as   Satan   exercises   unprecedented   power   and wickedness via the beast and false prophet. This website contains free downloadable books and topical studies that will Biblically explain: 1 . The reasoning behind the worsening global conditions. 2 . How   to   prepare   for   the   Tribulation:   a   time   of   distress   that   has   not   occurred   since   the   beginning   of   time,   nor   will   it occur again. (Matthew 24:21) 3 . How to break free from the chains that bind your soul.
Last   Day   Signs    is   an   easy-to-read   and   easy-to-understand   consolidation   of   last day    signs    prophesized    in    the    Bible.        Each    sign    is    supported    by    (1)    biblical scripture,   (2)   referenced   non-biased   sources,   and   (3)   analysis   of   ongoing   volatile changes that are occurring within our global neighborhood.            Click on the graphic to download a PDF copy.  
Last Day Signs
Foundation    is    comprised    of    biblically-based    key    foundational    principles    for Christian   living.      But   more   important,   Foundation   provides   the   groundwork   for   an eternal   life   in   Heaven.      It   is   written   in   a   manner   that   is   engaging   and   appropriate   for all persons, including those who do not know Jesus Christ.                                      Click on the graphic to download a PDF copy.
Body,   Heart,   Soul,   and   Spirit   is   written   for   those   who   are   struggling   with   their sinful   flesh;   for   those   who   are   tired   of   the   darkness,   and   bondage,   and   pain;   and for those who desire a behavioral transformation from within.  Gaining   victory   over   the   flesh   is   facilitated   by   understanding   the   distinct   functions of   the   body,   heart,   soul,   and   spirit;   by   gaining   insight   into   the   clandestine   works   of the flesh; and by a resolute heart.         Click on the graphic to download a PDF copy.  
Additional Topical Studies (click on the graphics to download PDF copies)
Emotions   (especially   negative   emotions   of   anger,   fear,   anxiety,   and   sadness) will   occur   more   often   as   we   digress   into   the   last   days.      This   study   will   assist   in identification,    management    and    minimization    of    the    affects    of    negative emotions.
Free   Will      God   gave   each   of   us   the   right   to   make   personal   decisions   that directly    impact    our    lives;    including    what    we    do,    what    we    say,    what    we consume,   what   we   believe,   and   so   forth.      This   study   provides   insight   into   how we   make   decisions;   reveals   reasons   for   past   decision   mistakes;   discusses   how to   make   decisions   in   the   future;   and   identifies   the   ultimate   consequences   for our decisions.
Pride       Our   pride   is   a   “slippery   slope”   in   that   it   provides   a   deceitful   feeling   of pleasure   derived   from   perceived   wisdom,   strengths   (attributes),   and/or   wealth (possessions).          This     study     will     assist     in     the     realization     (and     heart’s transformation) in that only God is worthy of glory.
Revelation’s    Blessings    is    an    exhaustive    in-depth    study    on    the    Book    of Revelation…word-by-word, verse-by-verse.
The books and Bible studies are written by a Christian author and teacher with a compelling desire to: 1 ) Enlighten how, what, when, where, and why we are in the last days. 2 ) Explain what to look for and how to spiritually prepare. 3 ) Simplify to enhance understanding. 4 ) Make it available to all for free (and as inexpensively as possible for those that prefer to read a physical book). Please write to me.  Your comments and questions are warmly appreciated.  I will only respond if asked. ALL FOR HIS GLORY! Harold D. Thomas
Revelationís Blessings